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Presbyterian Church of Legnano

The Presbyterian Church of Legnano was officially born in 2015, thanks to the missionary act of the Oliveira family (Pastor Humberto, his wife and his two sons) sent by the Presbyterian Church of Brasil and their european missionary organization, called APMT. The Churches of Legnano and Brescia were both founded by Pastor Humberto, thanks to his experience developed in Brasil and Venezuela as a missionary. You can support our churches by donating through our "Support Us" page. 

Our Church can be defined in many ways: it's a Christian Church, an evangelical Church, a reformed Church, a protestant Church, a Calvinist Church. It was born in the Reformation's context, and through history it stayed faithful to the Reform's beliefs. 

Get to know us better in the Who We Are page. 


Our consistory:

Humberto William Arisa - Pastor

Pastor formed in the Presbyterian Church of Brasil

Missionary in Venezuela and Italy

Founder of the Presbyterian Churches of Legnano and Brescia

Mateus Acioly - Presbyter

Presbyter of the Presbyterian Church in Brasil,

and now of the Church of Legnano

Student of the presbyterian seminary

Thomas Nie – Presbyter and Seminary Student

First official seminarist of the Italian Presbyterian Church

Studied at the italian seminary IFED and is now a student of Third Millenium


Our Schedule:

SUNDAY, 10am: Sunday School (Adults and Children); 11am: WORSHIP
WEDNESDAY: 8pm: Prayer and Bible Study (Exodus)

The WOMEN of our Church meet twice a week: we have a Bible Study and Prayer Meeting and a Christian Books Reading Group. Contact us for more information.

Where to find us:

Our Legnano Church is in Via Barbara Melzi, 73, in Legnano (Milan)

By train: it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the Legnano train station to our church. If you cannot walk that long, please contact us: a member will give you a car ride. 

By car: our church is situated very close to the Castellanza highway exit. 


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