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Every Sunday, while mom and dad participate in the adults' Bible Study, children can take part in our


Classe Piccoli(3-5yo)

In this class Camila, our teacher, will teach the Bible as a whole, always pointing towards Jesus' sacrifice, with the help of activities based on the children's ages. The children will learn through colors, crafts, and games. Small projects and crafts will help them memorize concepts and versicles.  

Classe Medi (6-9yo)

In this class Alessia, our teacher, will teach the main themes and doctrines of the Scripture through lessons and activities based on the individual children of the class. The children are exhorted to think through questions and readings. They are currently studying the Old Testament.

Classe Grandi (10+ yo)

In this class Branda, our teacher, with the help of teaching material available for every participant, guides the students on a biblical journey through Bible reading, activities and quizzes.

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